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samsung official S6 edge cases will scratch the screen?

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According to the user: samsung official S6 edge cases will scratch the screen

Theoretically, transparent phone cases in protective screen at the same time also can let the screen display the contents of the take in everything in a glance, but if you are using a samsung Galaxy S6 official transparent edge cases Clear View, it may have to be careful. Because there are many users reflect, this case for S6 edge Gorilla 4 screen damage.

From the point of View of users to upload pictures, because their phones are wearing the Clear View cases appeared different degree of screen scratches, it clearly and originally USES the opposite case. Considering the case of the price up to 50 pounds (RMB 488), the problem is even more unacceptable.

Samsung is not to make any comment on the matter, as for the reason of the scratches the analysis point out that what may be the case with the radian makes objects into it, and the friction on the screen. If your S6 edge with a similar problem, immediately contact samsung to find best solution.

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