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Jack ma, why so on South Korea market

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On May 18, 19, ma during his visit to Korea again, to the south Korean pavilion in Seoul day cat start ceremony, on KBS television made a "special", also to the leadership of Asia BBS and announced that the purpose of the speech. Just two days time, agile in South Korea, revealed a "jack ma, a whirlwind".

According to incomplete statistics, this is now at least he since December 2013, the fourth trip to South Korea.

Four times a year and a half, during his visit to Korea, South Korea should be ma run most frequently overseas countries over the years. The question here. International so big, jack ma, so busy, Mr Ma and alibaba why south Korean "love"? The author thought that, perhaps first according to the following elements:

It's first, it's all business, economic factors leading the way. Well known, China and South Korea have very close economic and trade relations between the two countries, the two countries are each other's first economic and trade cooperation partners, especially the outbound tourism, hai tao affairs expand rapidly over the years. According to statistics, in 2014, South Korea has become the largest outbound travel destinations in China, the Chinese tourists visit Korea beyond 6 million, rose more than 40%. Analysis points out, it is estimated that by 2020, our country people in South Korea the cost of the plan will exceed 30 trillion won (about 180 billion yuan), 8% of the total amount of retail stores accounted for South Korea! And, with China and South Korea free trade area will "be born", is expected to bring the preferential tax policy, logistics, capital lower level a big Bob profit, the exchange of personnel between the two countries will be more active activities and goods. In a word, cross-border electricity business between China and South Korea and cross-border shopping space is boundless.

Second, the Internet and logistics foundation facilities such as elements. South Korea is the world's Internet industry one of the most prosperous country, South Korea also has a very prosperous logistics foundation facilities, excellent business environment. Whether it is a big company, is still small and medium-sized companies, are very understanding of electricity and distribution affairs, has a good skill and operating experience, talent foundation.

Again, the "Korean wave" civilization elements. Over the years, south Korean TV dramas and variety shows, network game, Korean music such as a household name in China, the Korean civilization is deep cost is popular in our country, also brought infinite business opportunities, during which the broad cooperation space. To make ali pictures are active, and healthy and happy in the future 10 years to contributed by jack ma, investment industry clearly not miss "Korean wave" civilization.

End point, can't deny that the south Korean government and corporate world of huge domestic demand in China spend store eagerly awaited, alibaba's mood is very open and active, this also become Mr Ma is willing to extend active collaboration with South Korea first.

Can say, as the main electricity + a + entertainment industry such as alibaba, it is hard to find a fit like South Korea so high of overseas market.

And because, in fact, according to the above reason, not only the ma and alibaba, over the years, tencent, baidu, jingdong, gathered the best and one of China's Internet firms are also numerous and complicated flock to South Korea, in an attempt to "gold rush" South Korea market.

Look from the current situation, the "diligent" try to jack ma, alibaba has been rolled out to South Korea market plans, its wide category, development speed, enough to graced the other competitors. Summarized all kinds of media reports, we can draw the outline of the South Korea of ma roughly how much "business" :

1. The third party pay. Pay treasure is ali is one of the early into the Korean market transaction. According to local media reports, as early as last year in April to pay treasure has now set up a branch in South Korea, bag yesterday for one year transaction must actively underway. Current Korean contains provisions, duty-free shops, online mall, airlines, convenience stores, etc., including more than 8000 merchants support pay treasure payment, estimates that by the end of this year, pay treasure to access to the South Korea offline businesses will reach 20000. Visit to Korea this time period, Mr Ma also revealed more ambition, that will further upgrade Pay treasure in Korea, it into place to "Pay" in South Korea South Korea.

2. Cross-border electricity. After has been including cosmetics, clothing, food, etc many Korean famous cat company successively in day. And cat south Korean pavilion opening this day, is also alibaba for a particular country for the first time the company set up a dedicated channel, to our cost in this convenient to purchase more than 100 kinds of brands of Korean products. Can predict, must be in the future there will be more Korean products, including eat, drink, play, music, will soon my cat pavilion in South Korea.

3. Logistics. Earlier this year, local media has alibaba plans to spend large sum of money in the south Korean city of incheon to build plans to reach more than 1 million square meters of logistics base. Later, alibaba has also revealed show that novice network is a long-term logistics plan in South Korea, connotation of the plan in this year South Korea opened logistics affairs.

4. Small and medium-sized company B2B transactions. Media reported that South Korea's President in August last year Mr Ma meeting after park geun-hye, alibaba and South Korea to help small and medium-sized south Korean companies to enter China market to achieve consistently. Current alibaba's website is now beginning to supply small and medium-sized south Korean companies with 1688 B2B service.

5. Civilization industry collaboration. Foray into film and television, entertainment, games, such as alibaba has been active for capital contribution of the industrial civilization of South Korea's relevant industrial opportunities. It is reported, this time to visit Korea period, Mr Ma also specially met with south Korean presidents, state television KBS television, film and television, culture industry cooperation and so on has carried on the further communication.

6. Cloud service. According to local media reports, ali cloud authorities recently visited South Korea hanwha S&C company, understand the status of the I help Han Guoyun mall, it also makes the industry speculation may help alibaba foray into Han Guoyun mall.

From paying, electric business, logistics, B2B, and film and television cultural civilization, cloud service, which includes almost ma and alibaba group priority category. It is obvious that jack ma and alibaba is South Korea as its internationalization strategy to be the first mall.

Title: jack ma, why so on South Korea market

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