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Otterbox samsung S6 silicone case evaluation

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OtterBox is America's best-selling smartphone silicone case brand, to produce durable and fashionable appearance of smart phones and mobile devices, known silicone cases, OtterBox supply a series of intelligent collision avoidance silica gel protective sleeve, can protect the intelligence to prevent accidental broke in the usual days. OtterBox mobile phone silica gel protective sleeve, can share out bonus Armor Series, the Defender Defender Series, the Series of commuters Commuter and Symmetry Series how dazzle colour Series, protective strength by the former to the later, supply the user the highest level of protection function.

Follow the samsung Galaxy S6, OtterBox for samsung Galaxy S6 tailor-made by new mobile phone silica gel protective sleeve series are also listed. If you buy a samsung Galaxy S6, may be best way to protect the peoples waiting for mobile phone, OTTERBOX introduced three kinds of samsung Galaxy S6 special silicon case, Defender Series Defender Series, Commuter Series, the Series Commuter Symmetry Series how dazzle colour Series, meantime commuters Commuter Series is specially designed for users on the move plan, appearance has modern streamline feeling, and has double silicone case planning, acceptable impact and shock.

OtterBox samsung S6 Commuter Series commuters silicone protective packaging still choose is we know the black and yellow atmosphere packaging, packaging to feel significant protection ability. Describes the commodity type on the box, suitable model, product characteristics and so on.

Back goods characteristics: anti-collision, dustproof, scratch-resistant, double protection, screen film protection

OtterBox COMMUTER packing temporary besides silicone case itself and a brief instruction, complete with a mobile phone skins, along with the sticker used tutorials and needs something - a OtterBox features small card and a piece of soft cloth, very much to heart, we can stick a good film themselves at home, but if the sticker is tint, more perfect.

OtterBox samsung S6 Commuter Series commuters silicone cases there are 4 kinds of color can choose: black, purple, grey and white, silica gel protective sleeve can be split bi-level programming, interior is soft silicone shell, external is rigid silica gel protective sleeve.

Shell grinding polishing technology

OtterBox rigid silica gel protective sleeve body use polycarbonate material, has a strong resistance to impact, even if the mobile phone from the altitude of more than a metre and falls and OtterBox inside the shell itself and the protection of mobile phone will be unscathed. Shell surface because chose grinding polishing technology, so users will more comfortable grip.

OtterBox silicone shell part material is exquisite, has the super flexible and recovery; Forcibly knead it happens when significant deformation, after it will be natural extension of cutting back to normal.

Silica gel protective sleeve OtterBox samsung S6 Commuter Series Commuter looks not heavy, but in terms of weight and thickness to be trade-offs balance, Commuter no OtterBox usually focus on the waterproof function, the silicone case no cover to the front screen, with the protection of the shell with stick can make your screen is not afraid of cat.

OtterBox samsung S6 Commuter Series commuters silica gel protective sleeve lining soft silicone sets can be tightly wrapped in mobile phone, its elastic materials arc near can completely covered, no dead Angle may hurt samsung S6. Headphone jack and charging at the bottom of the hole is done with manual open plastic sliding door, quietly wave can turn, together also have the effect of the dust. The power button, volume buttons because the outer layer with a layer of film, more than bare-metal spend more effort in talents.


OtterBox samsung S6 Commuter Series commuters silica gel protective sleeve is a durable, fashionable and beautiful double silicone cases, contain synthetic rubber inner layer and outer layer of polycarbonate, supply excellent shock and collision efficiency, fear of accidentally knock against usual days. OtterBox silica gel sets and soft silicone case contact is appropriate wonderful planning, after silicone shell layer at the top and side surface concave programming, can be full with rigid silica gel protective sleeve connection and fixed. So samsung S6 has the dustproof and anti-seismic, drop "three anti" talent, although action is still very limited, but enough to must protect samsung S6 fuselage.

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