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College graduates to build happy lemon to following photos

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College graduates to build happy lemon to following photos goodbye to his Alma mater

Wear a suit and a hat to raise buildings, tall and straight jiageng main building, lotus lake frolic black swan, wind field Mercedes, lotus tunnel of graffiti art that machine... About xiamen university students, these are their impression of xiamen university hard to kill, and xiamen university information guang-yu wang of the college students, is when to graduate, will these memories of youth, to create a following, carry collection.

Draw out of attachment to his Alma mater

"Many students around to the tunnels of the lotus' I love you, goodbye this painting graffiti, this sentence is very simple, say out our graduates to the Alma mater of my pride." Guang-yu wang said, began to just want to choose this five words to do as a souvenir products, doing the doing, more and more ideas, phoenix flower, black swan, raise building, built ntu halls... "These are all so memorable!

Many ideas, skills are limited, found art professional Kang Linyue guang-yu wang, help to imagine planning into feasible pattern, so there are all kinds of bottle style: hand-drawn series "lotus lake" and "strong" of the south, film series "graduation season, phoenix flower", "to build the south hall, the string of love" and "the jiageng buildings, qingyuan flute" three pictures, classic series points black money "I love you, goodbye" and "I love you, goodbye" white paragraph two pictures.

Carry "youth memories"

"I also want to do other things, but is still following contrast." Guang-yu wang said, finally selected made following from these images, the first is because the price is low, and can use the four seasons, convenience to xiamen university and youth memories with you.

"In order to make the following color and quality reached the best level, let's communicate with manufacturer repeatedly, also launched for a variety of shell of mobile phone type, for most of the xiamen university people to find the right style of themselves." So, this graduation season, extremely busy during guang-yu wang.

Following from profit, he said, is very poor, they never want to take this time to start a business for gold, just want to in its holding of souvenir for other xiamen university together a method of collection of youth.

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