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Japanese women to high school students love the iPhone

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Japanese women to high school students love the iPhone, turns out to be due to the iPhone case style more.


Said Japanese people love the iPhone, you may argue "who wouldn't love. But the country comparison, all electrical appliances, mobile communications, and other various categories are relatively closed, skill good enough to let many people to accept the conditions of self-sufficiency, they are also compared with exclusive. But the iPhone is an exception, and female high school students is the new force of the support person.

Hugo net "J - Cast from Japan News, recent reports of learned that Tokyo's harajuku, there are 100 women's high school students accepted about the use of smart phones query, the results show the iPhone users greatly beyond the android users.

The reason is that following a loved to use the iPhone

Japan App Marketing institute recently indicated a query, in 100 harajuku female high school students, 82 people use the iPhone, and using the android phone is only 18 people. Asked about "useful android phones around?" , the answer is: "the people around you are also use the iPhone."

Mentioned reasons for using the iPhone, there are "easy to fit" and "system" soon thick muddy, but said the most is still "because of the following is loved". Compared with android system of mobile phone, iPhone can choose the following styles are increasingly rich, "is very simple to find their favorite style." Respondents said they showed.

Ever also flourished in the women's high school students a temporary plastered with three-dimensional stickers, decorate with the mobile phone's accessories flip phone, today's smart phones, also be regarded as part of the hip.

For android users, on the other hand, ask "why choose android phones," "good if change is still the iPhone" "DOCOMO has not sold" "nothing special reason," is more depressed reason "can't".

View women's high school students in Japan, mostly using android mobile phones is a "will be smile" "face".

The query result on the Internet, is also a sound understanding of women's high school students showed that:

"Because of the following from choosing this reason I can understand more."

"Men favor is practical, is the pursuit of fashionable woman!"

"Women if not consistent with the company around has a sense of unease, who all don't want to be raised."

"Even though it is often said that while the waves owe good harmony is very important."

There are some else opposing points of view:

"Feel it is not necessary to must use the iPhone."

"It's choose brand have what difference."

"It's not because of love. Maybe just because celebrities are using follow suit."

Offer flat must choose the iPhone

Worldwide, with Google development system of android smartphone, its market share is an overwhelming success, but Japan is the only exception.

Query IDC Japan data indicate that smartphone producer number is 26.54 million, 2014, a 12.4% drop from the year before. Domestic smartphone market is true prosperity in 2010 in the future, though it was negative at the beginning, but the iPhone's factory sets accounted for 58.7%, abundant show its weak momentum. SONY, sharp, samsung and other android phones and not folded.

IDC's query from the United States, however, the world market in 2014 was iOS and Android two systems, the combined market share reached 96.3%, increased by 2.3% from the year before. IOS market share, meanwhile, has decreased by 0.3% 14.8%, and the android is increased by 2.8% 81.5% of the market.

Japanese people will love the iPhone is due to its offer. In other countries, the iPhone is "rose", many android phones price is cheap, it about the expansion of the market share is of great help. But in Japan, the iPhone's quotation with other android phones are not much difference. So from the perspective of female high school students, offer if no change, first chooses the same with us more stylish iPhone is granted.

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