The android mobile phone sets of customer case

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Then we choose and terry cooperation development and production of mobile phone sets, because families and terry has the ability to independent research and development products, and can according to customer demand for the advantage of independent design, think in terms of engineering and technology research and development, to help us solve some problems in the process of product design and development. , can provide technical support to our project and cooperate with the work, the division terry throughout the pearl river delta area, so to speak do mobile phone sets of products type products is the leading industry level, the strength of the suppliers of this type is a reliable and keep long-term cooperation.

- marketing always in August 2012

Ketail advantage:

1. Ketail has a 10-12 silicone mobile phone sets of the professional engineering team, can according to customer demand for the structure of the independent design and development work, from the perspective of professional help customers to preliminary design and development of the research work. And each project is carried out by the project manager carefully planning as a whole, is can walk in the forefront of sample. And small vendors are not decent engineering team, the boss is a salesman and engineer or operator, even more book without a comparatively perfect project management system. And our families, terry is to have a such attention professional team can be anywhere at any time for customer service.

2. Ketail after years of development already has more than 6000 square meters factory production scale, and the r&d and production of ketail team has more than 5 years of professional experience, the factory has been to maintain in the production of 150 people, provide good platform to complete customer delivery. And a few small manufacturers only a few machine, personnel is not stable. Order quantity is not much in itself or off-season can barely cooperate, once the order quantity or special period (years ago or later) will appear the situation of the heart is unable to do. Families, terry can quickly through internal adjustment in order to complete customer delivery, ensure that the customer will not appear at any point of break, especially for export customer group is a certainty.

Why did you choose China, Shenzhen Ketaili Technology Co., Ltd:

Leaf total said: when we choose and ketail cooperation development and production of mobile phone sets of completely from engineering technology research and development point of view, leaf total in plastic case and silicone mobile phone sets have more than ten years of working experience is a valuable asset ketail and absolute guarantee of our development work. Actually choose mobile phone sets of customer and supplier selection is the same, must be the company to project power and factories to combine with the actual production capacity. Finally wish families and terry more do more success!