Samsung mobile phone sets of customer case

Time: 2015/1/26 15:52:55 | Visit: 2192 | More about 《Customer Testimonials

A customer in guangzhou in May understand contact us through our company's old website, the customer is mainly focusing on the export silicone gifts, preliminary communication through the telephone, the customer come to factory visits, looked at we have always set design and production of silicone mobile phone sets and perfume, product quality is beyond the customer expected, and the price is very reasonable, the customer is very satisfied, on the spot under the three silicone mobile phone sets, 50000 each order. When we choose and Ketaili cooperation development and production of mobile phone sets, are simply Ketaili have the ability of independent research and development products, and can according to customer demand for the advantage of independent design, think in terms of engineering and technology research and development, to help us solve some problems in the process of product design and development. , can provide technical support to our project and cooperate with the work, the Ketaili throughout the pearl river delta area, so to speak do mobile phone sets of products type products is the leading industry level, the strength of the suppliers of this type is a reliable and keep long-term cooperation.

- vice general manager Mr. Jiang in May 2011