Chanel cosmetics silicone cosmetic bag customer case

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CHANEL (CHANEL) company, CHANEL (China) trade co., LTD., ten big brand perfume, the world's ten big brands, the world famous brand, one of the most famous fashion brands in the world, the eternal classic fashion, is famous for its perfume and fashion of the top luxury brand, one of the women want to own brand in the world.

Eternal classic -- chanel.

Some say, have - chanel, has always been this century the beauty of a woman dreams. Someone says, in the end of the 19th century today, any brand can get a three generations: grandmother, mother, granddaughter of love at the same time, the first is -- chanel.

The "double C" has become a fashion of proud, is also the earth woman want to have the brand! Chanel has become the world's most famous brand; Classic double C LOGO fashion peninsular will never, never absent.

Chanel was founded in 1913 in Paris, France, the perfume and fashion is most famous! For years, chanel have maintained a decorous, concise, elegant style, the breakthrough tradition is also one of the features of it. The double C logo, diamond plaid, camellia are the three big sign Chanel empire! Chanel is bound to like her designer, writing the legend forever.

                      Miss pei - a cosmetics company Marketing Department in May 2012