The Camel Camel outdoor climbing shoes silicone antiskid shoe covers customer case

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The CAMEL (CAMEL), is known as "the most understand elite" brand. A kind of his existence, the temperament of a kind of method, has been unconquerable spirit. Camel camel with "I, all the love fall in love" as the ultimate goal, overturns the vulgar and stale, innovation swept away the years trace, raise your hand is cast sufficient all show elegant ambition. Camel camel design emphasizes the perfect combination of comfort and fashion sense, the concept of adhering to the above comfortable, with "comfortable, classic, fashion, individuality" as the design goal, create a relaxed for urban elite unruly "camel" lifestyle. It is not only a brand, but also a life attitude.

Brand features:

(1) the Camel Camel to promote freedom, vigorous and brave the challenge of adventurous spirit, has become the preferred brand of outdoor enthusiasts. Camel Camel products for your outdoor experience there is a feeling of ceremony, these tools will give you strength, you are going through their conquest of path.

(2) the Camel Camel in mature and rich connotation, the pursuit of success and challenges of social urban elite fashion group, which advocates freedom, vitality and brave the challenge of spirit of adventure. It will be the fashion and leisure, noble and elegant, beautiful and comfortable, leading the fashion trend, the brand to make the first outdoor leisure brand in the domestic.

(3) strong outdoor amorous feelings, adhere to the comfortable first brand concept, presents the orthodox, elegant dress shoes bag brand style, classic fashion and free and easy.

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