IWatch silicone watch with customer case

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Apple Watch, smart Watch ten big brands, caused high attention of intelligent luxury Watch brand, the product USES the sapphire screen and Force Touch Touch technology, their own individual custom dial telephone, SMS, notifications, weather, flight information, such as measuring the heart function in a body's comprehensive health and motion tracking devices.

Product specification

Apple Watch the sapphire screen not afraid scraping, two screen sizes. Support phone, voice back to SMS, connect the car, the weather, flight information, map navigation, play music, measuring dozens of functions such as heartbeat, step, is a comprehensive health and motion tracking devices. Are ordinary, sports, custom three series, 18 k gold color aluminum metal materials. Apple Watch has a variety of colors to choose: silver, gold, red, green and white.

Cook in the conference, said: "we don't want to put the interface reduces your wrist. This is a revolutionary product, after the new user interface design."

Apple Watch has three series, Apple Watch Sport, Watch Apple and Apple Watch Edition. Three series of casing material for aluminum alloy, stainless steel and gold, at the same time can match with a variety of strap arbitrary combination.

Product features

Apple Watch has a variety of personalized dial, make you follow change, custom Settings. On the dial of the custom, can increase the weather, the next activity and other useful information. Can display the information user's heartbeat. Apple Watch with the iPhone, with global standard time error is less than 50 milliseconds.

Notification system interface, TapticEngine will through the Tap to remind you.

Apple can Watch Digital Touch to other Apple Watch users to send the Sketch, Tap and heartbeat, etc.

Every Monday, Apple will Watch according to last week's activity data suggest that new moving target for the user.

WatchKit: WatchKit SDK allows developers to Apple Watch to tailor a new variety of App experience.

Watch the built-in UBER. And watch can unlock room door directly, Passbook as a boarding pass, you can remote to watch video, images, etc.

Application: China WeChat, weibo, alipay, beauty, ctrip, etc, but adapted Apple Watch pay treasure to purse retain only the balance of one of the treasure, payment code, exchange rate three functions. And other application will also corresponding to numerous for brief, only keep the function of the equipment is more suitable for wear.

In the App Store to download Apple Watch Apps available. Apple Watch battery life for all-weather, 18 hours, can be used for battery, Apple isn't too much description, reservations, should be its new technology.

- shenzhen some electronic technology company Marketing Department miss huang in August 2014