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Following from the printer to print following design steps

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Following from the printer to print following design steps

Tool use: 1. 2. The following from UV printer environmentally friendly UV curing ink 3. Common following

Following from the printer to print following steps:

Step 1. First to clean the following scrub with a clean cloth

Step 2. We want to make a photo copy of the laptop. The best thing is to the picture of the pixels high.

Step 3. The computer is connected with our printer, open the printer to test printer is working correctly!

Step 4. The following blank, on the platform of printer, adjust the height of nozzle, click on the print button in my computer.

Step 5. Remove the following from completion, if you need relief feeling strong, can repeat the print can!

Note: 1. If you want to print the feel is strong point, you can print white ink in the turn ratio is high. 2. Be sure to wait until after UV lights up, then operate. 3. The following printer normal product parameter working voltage: 110-240 - v; Power: 35 w; Day allows working hours: 24 hours; The print width: 450 mm * 500 mm; Substrates height: 50 mm or less; Substrates weight: 15 kg or less; Print accuracy: 720 dpi.

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