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< engineering problems >

1. Products involved in the project information: the design of the die structure and its influence to the product, product performance to decide to use what material, and what kind of process conditions used in the process of production.

2. The transmission of information: our company has a professional engineering and technical personnel to handle the customer's engineering and technical problems, and through the head of convey to the customer, when necessary, the client's engineering and technical personnel to our production site in inspection and discussion of relevant technical problems, we can also send professional engineering and technical personnel accompanied by staff on relevant engineering problems, to communicate with customers face to face to keep the rapid processing and solve the problem!

3. Engineering change: all perform production before or after the confirmation of the sample products production process, because the assembly of products using the engineering change, will be confirmed by written in a way that the two sides, and then to product changes and confirm again, then according to the requirements of the latest execution period; Costs of changes depending on the change reason and amount by the customer agreement with our company!

< delivery >

1. The company according to the agreement with the customer delivery requirements, and include product delivery time and delivery, etc. 2. Guangdong and shenzhen area clients we provide free delivery service, or entrust other delivery we bear relevant unit transportation cost. 3. Outside of guangdong province designated by our company has signed a contract with the customer in accordance with the mode of transportation (land/air/sea) entrust a third party to provide delivery service. 4. Overseas customer designated by our company has signed a contract with the customer in accordance with the mode of transportation (land/air/sea) entrust a third party to provide delivery service, at the same time, according to the requirement of the contract for export and customs issues.

< transportation >

1. The mode of transportation: land/sea/air transportation.

2. Land transportation: designated by our high-quality domestic Courier service (such as motion/kalumpang, etc.) or the shipping company (hua yu/north) delivery.

3. Air: specified by us and long-term cooperation of the shuttle and the international famous international express company/DHL/UPS/OCS (FEDEX), etc.

4. Shipping: we deal with overseas clients, contract requirements specified by the customer or our designated shipping company (MASKER/WANHAI/CHINASHIPPING) and so on.

<the mode of payment >

1. Mould cost: prepaid the sample mould cost, open return after the big mould; Open big mold products meet agreed amount after return the mould cost; Confirmation number directly by us free open mould!

2. Payment: 100% advance do goods and delivery; Part of the payment for goods to do the inspection in advance OK to pay for the balance shipment; Cash delivery; Month knot (group), or month knot for 30 days.

3. Overseas customers: payment by contract agreement (T/T, L/C, CREDIRCARD, CHECK...) , temporarily not accept large payment company.

< The message  bank >

1. Tax: in accordance with the requirements of the customer's order and agreements to provide 6% of the ordinary and, hence, or provide 17% value-added tax votes, overseas customers with standard specification of INVOICE.

2. Bank details: our manager signed and affixed with official seal and the financial chapter provides to the customer's written document shall prevail. Bank information bank bank information.

<For detail information>

1. Provide detailed inquiry material sample is available upon request. 2. We will provide free samples of our current inventory to the customer for the silicone rubber foam tube and pipe classes are depending on customer requirements provided free of charge. 3. Our company for such as silica gel sets of article/silica gel daily necessities and silicon rubber sealing ring/silicone rubber tube class has the standard, the client may root tree needs to request the standard product list. 4. Our company is to provide customers samples or information and customer communication both sides business intention voluntarily, both sides does not exist any responsibility and obligation!

< property >

1. The mould opening our independent design, development and production of products, we shall enjoy the right of product related knowledge, product rights and power of interpretation. 2. We released by related products, not specified products provide relevant information and production under the customer recognition, related products all intellectual property rights and all belong to the customer and the product's trademark holders. 3. Independent development and design to our company and our customers products have any infringement and improper behavior, we will to claim in case and the legal procedures to protect our company and our clients' interests!