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< Inquiry >

1. Please send us the inquiry when you are interested in our product on the Internet.

2. You can send us the inquiry via the fax, the email, or the online communication, etc.. To ensure the accuracy of the inquiry, we do not accept any verbal inquiry.

3. Please send us the requirements of the product when you inquire via the fax. Please advise us the product name, specifications, the use and usage, the quantity etc.. Meanwhile, please send the contact details to us for communication.

4. Please indicate the relevant product requirements in the email, including the product name , the specifications , purpose of product and product dosage and etc.. You can also attach the related product pictures or CAD, PRO-E, 3DMAX or CDR drawings.

5. We have professional network marketing personnel in charge of the
online inquiry communication through MSN, SKYPE, QQ, Alibaba Trust Pass and Alibaba TradeManager. Please contact us based on the information posted on our website and the business card of the authorized person.

<quotation >

1. After confirming the relevant contents of the customer's inquiry, normally we will provide the customer with quotations within 4-8 hours.

2. All our quotations have been completed by our professional technicians and nuclear staff. We will keep confidential about all the information relating to the quotation. Please feel free to contact our sales representatives or call our sales manager directly if you have any doubt regarding the quotation.

3. We will send you the quotation by fax and email, and confirm the related details of the offer.

4. All the quotations without formal sign-off to the customer are considered as intention offer.The quotation will not take effect until it is approved by both sides. The validity and the change of the quotation are executed according to the agreement reached by both parties. The quotation might be updated beacause of the change of the raw material price, the order quantity and etc..