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< Sample making >

1. Requirements of sample making

Companies to provide product information to customers (samples or confirmed drawings) for confirmation, and translated into the company's internal "sample preparation requirements list" the implementation of the sample.

2. Proofing fee

Company to offer content for the customer to the customer free proofing proofing two ways, paid or unpaid proofing depending on the product types and requirements of customers and product usage, etc., are proofing is charge customers a certain amount of proofing fee when a customer order reaches a certain number after return the proofing costs to customers, return can be deducted directly from payment for goods, may also directly in the form of cash or transfer the payment to the customer.

3. proofing time

Conventional sample 3-7 working days, special request product 7-12 working days, other requirements will be subject to confirm with the customer time.

4. Proofing confirmed

When the sample is completed, our company will and confirmation with a sample of the customer to confirm, samples and confirmation in triplicate, customers leave a, one copy each of the our quality and production, related production operation according to confirm sample.

5. Sample back and effectiveness:

Are all customer samples number and effective preservation, depending on the characteristics of the product and change to reconfirm and sample data changes, to maintain the timeliness and effectiveness.

< Production>

1. Do confirm cargo information

Company must be formal purchase order or in the receiving customer confirmation, the order contracts signed by to be converted into relevant data according to the company system to perform production and tracking.

2. Production cycle

Whether the characteristics of different products production, processing and packaging requirements, etc., as well as the company's current production plan need 3 working days / 7 working days / 12 working days / 15 working days / 25 working days at different stages and delivery cycle, etc.

3. Cargo tracking

We have professional documentary personnel to follow up customer related products on the production situation and status, and will feedback the related situation to the customer, in addition to our business and merchandiser personnel, other such as quality engineering department personnel is not directly involved in the manufacture of goods customer communication and contact.