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1. Question: are you factory or trading company?

Answer: China, Shenzhen Ketaili Technology Co., Ltd is the guangdong Shenzhen professional, fast, high quality production of silicone products, silicone gifts, mobile phone sets, following, electronic accessories, plastic products, silicone pad, silicone cover, silicone plastic toys, silica gel, silica gel supplies, travel supplies, such as production of all kinds of silicone products manufacturer.

2. Question: can the size of your company and the monthly output?

Answer: China, Shenzhen Ketaili Technology Co., Ltd after less than four years of development already has three factory production scale, now has 42 molding machines, production needs corresponding spraying equipment and screen printing equipment, and each factory can maintain the production in 150. Silicone buttons of the quantity to 2 million pieces per month.

3. Question: what are your main products, what are the advantages in the industry?

Answer: China, Shenzhen Ketaili Technology Co., Ltd is a professional, fast, high quality production key, silicone rubber products, silicone products equipment button, silicone mobile phone sets, conductive plastic buttons, the remote control buttons, P + R buttons, such as silica gel seal production manufacturer of various kinds of silicone products. 10-15 years the company has a silicone industry professional engineering team, can according to customer demand for the structure of the independent design and development work, to help customers from the perspective of professional prophase research work such as design and development.

4. The questions: does the proofing need to open mold, how to charge?

Answer: our company samples to figure processing proofing the type of the company, according to the normal operation of each product is need to open new mould. We will select open sample mold test according to the requirements of the structure of the sample OK or directly open the production mold. In general, open the sample mold is need a deposit in advance, if open the production mold, we will return the sample mould cost.

5. Question: your price cycle and mold development cycle is how long?

Answer: 24 hours to reply to the customer quotation, samples of silicone mold development 3 to 5 days, silica gel production mold development 7-10 days, injection molding production mold development for 2 weeks.

6. Question: what do you accept the payment, the invoice?

Answer: cash settlement or in 30 days, we are the general taxpayer, can open 17% value-added tax.